Network Tools

This is my business card analagous object, unfortunatly, its not much use to anyone if you put it in a drawer and forget about it, so instead, in addition to my website, I built in a suite of tools

Occasionaly, you lose your network key, or want to kick someone off a network(with permission), or even create 100s of fake wifi networks, all named lines from Rick Astley's famous Never Gonna Give You Up. Now learning all the networking, coding, linuxing, and the like would be difficult and take at least 7 minutes. With this device, You Can acomplish all this and more easily.


None of these will function as this is just the html, to use these functions, connect to one of my buisness cards wifi networks and visit

To create fake networks, detect other deauthers and devices like this one, or deauth from a network using SpacehuhnTech's tools, click here

To attempt to break a network using a dictionary based attack click here.